REVIEW: The Hugeness Debut Album


First thing that comes to mind when listening to The Hugeness self-titled debut full length album is ambition. The album, in keeping with the band’s self-described influences (unicorns, majestic bald eagles, freedom, lightning, big ass monitor lizards, killer whales, and the moon), immediately introduces itself with grandiose theatrical explosion in “Dedicated.”

The Hugeness is a big shameless supernatural beastial orgy and everyone is invited. There’s a kind of Muse flavor to the whole shindig, coupled with some crazy 80’s hair buoyed by some virtuosic guitar compositions. On the surface, it’s easy to write off as something that, hmm…that maybe you wouldn’t necessarily throw on to impress a date (unless she was a Siren of Venus or had two heads and a tail or some shit). I guess what I’m trying to say is that this isn’t really my kind of music, and that wall made it hard for me to appreciate the album at first. But it’s hard to ignore all the influences absorbed (in addition to unicorns and whales) within the work of The Hugeness.

Upon more calculated observation, and you can tell each song, at least it seems like, is a bona fide composition, with complex layers and instrumentation. What I was most taken with though, was the writing. There is some damn good poetry in here, the kind that requires unpacking, which is something (particularly today) that warrants great respect in songwriting. “Bow Tie,” the third song in, is where I kind of started to take this catharsis in. I think my favorite is the more sensitive “Isabel.” There’s a kind of high-brow, radical goofy flair I’m left to take-away upon concluding the piece, in the best possible way. The whole thing is marauding, epic, and pretty strange. I mean, I wasn’t kidding–the band listed unicorns, lizards, whales, and freedom as their artistic inspiration. That is, if nothing, pretty cool. I don’t know, I’m kind of lost. But ultimately, this full length debut commands some respect.

Written by – Freddy Dubs,